Painting with Lavender Essential Oil

I have vague memories of visiting my Great Grandmother’s house and it smelling like lavender, uplifting and soothing all at the same time. She painted in the living room behind special sliding doors that when opened everything was setup ready to go, so when she wasn’t painting or had sticky fingered visitors the doors just closed and you didn’t even know her studio was there. So where am I going with this?  Well, I never ever use turpentine and  I don’t much like the smell of linseed oil which got me thinking about using a different oil with my paints.  At hand I had some clove oil and some lavender oil.  The clove oil I use for relieving pain when I go tramping, it’s super effective for a couple of hours and causes no stomach problems.  I tried clove oil in my painting of a vase of flowers.  There appears to be no change in drying time and the colours of the oils are nice and bright.  I had been concerned that a different oil might change the paint colours but it didn’t!  I also painted a doorway and included the lavender oil, suddenly I was transported back to my Great Grandmother’s house the smell that captivated me as a child had reappeared. I am in love with adding lavender essential oil to my oil paints. Again, I found no change in drying time or change in colours.  Just in love with oil painting more than ever!!!

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