JoJandal Creates

I have been making Hugs since the first New Zealand Lockdown in 2020. The first 9 were Queen sized bed toppers but it got hard to hold such heavy work so I started making smaller huggable rugs, knee rugs that morphed into straight comfort hugs.

What are crocheted Hugs?

They are more than a knee rug or a bed blanket.  You fold it in half then hold the sides and wrap your arms into it and hold it tight to your chest, this creates the same feeling as you receiving a hug from someone and you also get the same physiological benefits.

They are for laughing, crying, screaming, into…they are also for keeping secrets and wishes and hopes for your future. They are full of love and kindness and will hug you no matter what. Understanding them is part of the learning to make them.

Here are my YouTube Videos on how to make one yourself.

If you would like to get a Hug made, contact me below and we can start the conversation.