My First Proper Commission!

So many things have come out of my Kepler Track adventure.  My paintings have been outstanding reflecting the emotions that overwhelmed me during my 5 days away in October 2017.

I painted a triptych of the Murchison Mountains each was a pano taken after I had walked past Mt Luxmore.

Then something truly exciting happened…I decided to have my own exhibition for Christmas and I used these painting and a couple of others to advertise it.

I also created a calendar for 2018 because…”why not”! They all sold!!

And the little paintings above sold to one of my artist HEROs, Chris Booth!!! He loved them!  I love his work so much and was so gobsmacked when he loved my work. Check out Chris Booth, He’s amazing!

Then here’s the bit that floored me!  Chris allowed his newly purchased artworks to stay in my Christmas Exhibition as SOLD works and because of this I was commissioned to paint another set of Murchison Mountains on the Kepler Track…talk about excited!!

Here they are…the little ones in the middle.

I feel like I have finally arrived as a proper artist!