Whizzing By…

The year is just whizzing by and I have found myself up to my eyeballs in research…lol…Art course…what did I expect!

I have found this really great guy…love his work.  Mr Jack Unruh…he does the best line and colour drawings…very accomplished man.  Check him out, I found his work in the National Geographic to start with.

This is part of an email I sent to him…”From across the world in New Zealand, Kerikeri you made me want to know more about American History…Daniel Boone was only ever a character in a TV program…I thought he was just a myth…not a real person with pain and sadness.  Thank you for educating me.  I would not have read the article if I had not been stopped by your paintings.”

Jack was gracious enough to reply to me with the information I needed to complete an essay.  It is nice to know that their are such talented artists ready to share their expertise with others.

So thank you Mr Jack Unruh…from across the world.