When is a painting finished?

Koru - Unfinished
Koru - Unfinished

Mmmmm, good question.

My Koru is a prime example…last night after spending another 3 hours creating it….a total of 7 hours so far…I looked at it with tired eyes and considered that I had finished…

However…in the day light…I can see that it needs more dark…and more shaping and…the list goes on…so I am not finished with it’s creation…maybe another hour or to and I will be able to declare it complete…but NOT YET!!!

You can however…over work your painting, I have seen and created examples where I have turn my work to a lovely shade of mud…

Ahhhh, Yes…mud….but all is not lost…with a pallet knife and paint shaper you can remove the mud and begin again…

A painting is finished when you declare it complete! This does not mean that you can’t go back at a later date and add some special touches. It does however give you the separation required to start a new painting.

I have discovered that I can get really attached to my painting as I am creating the vision in front of me…it is hard to declare something complete when you just want to spend more time on it!!!

I have attached my Koru…in it’s uncomplete state so you can see what I mean.


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