Dedication To Sharon

In my life there was a very special lady….Sharon…my Granny looked after Sharon until Granny died then Rita looked after her…she was always in my life apart from about 6 years when I lost contact with her when Granny died…and by then she had a wonderful and different life with Rita…Rita is one of God’s angels…very special indeed.

Sharon’s body grew up but her mental capacity remained at the age of a 3-4 year old child…having said that Sharon was capable of doing alsorts of every day things….she loved colouring books, food magazines and soft toys…she did not forget people and she always asked after my Mum and Dad…I loved her with all my heart.

Sharon died on the 27th July 2008 of ovarian/stomach cancer….in May 08 it was confirmed and less than 2 months later she was gone…during her illness she was so graceful and gentle…she faded away as she could no longer eat…Sharon died a death that you would not wish on anyone but she touched everyone that she came in contact with…

Her favourite song was…”You Are My Sunshine”

"You Are My Sunshine"
“You Are My Sunshine”

This painting is dedicated to the Sunshine that Sharon was…may she rest in peace among the beautiful roses in Onerahi Cemetry.

Is there someone special you would love to remember…I would be honoured to paint such a painting for you.

Peace and Love


ps: a bunch of daffodils to farewell our beautiful Sharon xx

3 thoughts on “Dedication To Sharon”

  1. Thank you…I painted it in two stages…first the sunshine heart and then the daffodils many months later…


  2. HI JO,
    This painting is as beautiful as you described and it just makes you feel happy. Awesome website!!! Hope your looking after my artwork on your little tootsies!!

  3. Hi Cara,

    Your artwork is safe and sound on my toes…I love it very much. Thank you for making my day.


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