Kerikeri Open Artist Studio Trail Review

I know it is after the fact but my life has finally slowed down enough to come back to artist roots.

Well Done Everyone…I know I’m completely stuffed…everything aches…hahaha…and ridiculously I feel disappointed that it’s over, I was just getting my groove on.  Painted 3 paintings…one which I sold before it was finished.  Sold 3 paintings altogether and 5 books. I meet 127 people over the 3 days and have 2 commissions from it.  Got my photo taken by Peter de Graaf…even if I don’t end up in the paper I was delighted that he even wanted to take one.  Without each and everyone of you the trail wouldn’t have been the same.  Every person that came had wonderful things to say about where they had been…

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Thank you xoxo