Gold Leaf made Easy

I am back from another amazing and fulfilling NemeshArt course which opened my eyes to the world of Gold Leaf….and much more…

It was so simple…

1. Choose your canvas

2. Using Gold Leaf size,  paint what ever shapes you want your Gold Leaf to be in.  Make it nice and smooth, any bubbles will show on your painting later.

3. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes…if you don’t leave it long enough the Gold Leaf won’t stick.  The glue will feel almost tacky but not quite.  Wash you brush straight away, it’s glue not oil paint!

4. Close the doors and windows and create a nice still environment.

5. Take a Gold leaf and place it on the sized area…gently rub with a soft, dry cloth…repeat this until all of the size is covered.  The Gold Leaf likes to stick to fingers so nice dry hands make a big difference.

6. Allow to dry over night. You can paint on it sooner as long as the size is properly dry.

7. Paint whatever you like…I did…it is called Secret Lovers…

8. Using a touch of Linseed Oil and a soft dry cloth wipe over the areas that have Golf Leaf underneath…you don’t have to wipe off everything, have a play with your work.

I was stunned at my results…the Golf Leaf made all the difference.

I can’t wait to have another go.