Creative Juices

Wind God
Wind God

For 9 months I languished in a creative black hole, being unable to paint…I went to sleep each night with a large blank canvas next to my bed and would wake in the morning with no more of an idea of what I would create.

I came to see that this black hole was created out of fear…Fear that I would reveal my heart and that would spoil things for me,  fear that I would ruin a perfectly good canvas with clumsy attempts at creating a masterpiece,  fear also that I had no talent and people would laugh at my work.

Janet Planet came to my rescue…Janet owns the wonderful South Sea Arts in Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.   Janet talked me into going on my first Nemesh Workshop to break my dry spell.

It Worked….YAY….

With Nemesh’s patience, coaching and new techniques I managed to unlock the fear door and walk right though it…at the same time a found a new appreciation for Bob Dylan…strange but true.

So attached today is my first painting on my own after my new beginning…I have considered changing it however it reflects the “Wind God” that has moved my world…it shows the waves and eddies formed as he moved across the land…the land is a shapely large breasted woman reclined and merged with the “Wind God” all at the same time…He really is a powerful being in my life and moves everything around me and with me…

I was stunned at what appeared when I started to paint… Sunsets….Sunrises…Sails, Angels and Hearts . What a  relief that my passion had not run away…it was just in hiding.

After my second Nemesh Workshop….7 Days at “The Quarry Summer Do” I realised that I could paint anything that I put my mind to…real things, portraits and bubbles!!!   Who would of thought….and now I am dripping with creative juices…it is so yummy and loads of fun.

Fearless and Free to Paint…..YAY.